The Fifth International Summer School on Information Security and Protection (ISSISP) will be held in Verona, Italy on July 27 - August 1, 2014. It will be hosted by University of Verona. Deadline for early registration is July 15, 2014. Registration can also be made on site. Consider that Verona is a highly touristic site in Europe so please make your registration as early as possible in order to find place in hotels and dorms.

The growing ubiquity of software systems as a means of providing critical services make protecting software contents, data, and intellectual property an important aspect of software development and a necessity for successful industrial applications. Without strong software security and protection techniques, software-based systems at the heart of medical informatics, digital rights management, voting systems, power distribution systems, transportation systems, and financial systems, to name a few, will be vulnerable to devastating attacks.

Software Security and Protection is a discipline that lies at the crossroads of security, cryptography, networks, software engineering, computer architecture, operating systems, and compiler design. The summer school will bring together internationally-recognized experts to describe the advanced techniques that are used for protecting software from tampering, reverse engineering, and piracy. The courses will cover methods of software security and protection including code obfuscation to protect against reverse engineering, software watermarking to protect against software piracy, tamper-proofing to protect against integrity-violations of software, obfuscation anti similarity analysis for protecting code by its diversification, virtualization, models of security for specifying attack strategies, metrics, and principles.

Important dates
  • July 15, 2014: early registration

General Chair
Roberto Giacobazzi

Organizing Committee
Mila Dalla Preda
Isabella Mastroeni

Scientific Advisory Board
Christian Collberg
Jack Davidson
Roberto Giacobazzi
Yuan Xiang Gu
Bjorn De Sutter
Fei-Yue Wang

  • Arun Lakhotia: "Binary analysis in Polymorphic Malware Detection"
  • Bjorn De Sutter: "Evaluating the strength of software protections"
  • Brecht Wyseur: "White-box Cryptography"
  • Christian Collberg: "Software Protection"
  • Jack Davidson: "Code protection by dynamic translation"
  • Yuan Xiang Gu: "The industrial challenge in Software and information protection"


University of Verona

The summer school will be held at the University of Verona (Italy) at very special rates. The classroom is air-conditioned and equipped with all conference materials. Hands-on will take place in a specially equipped lab. Special areas are reserved for students for coursework and study. The official language is English. Participants will receive a certificate of participation from ACM and an offer of a complimentary one-year student membership in ACM!

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